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Came to Oregon in 1843
b. Dec. 6, 1787
d. Oct. 4, 1869
"The following communication was written by Mr. Thomas C. SHAW, of Vernon, Marion county, and published in the daily Statesman of Oct. 9th: Dear Sir: I am under the painful necessity of recording the death of one of our most esteemed citizens, namely, Old Father John HOWELL. He was born in Tennessee December 6, l787, and died at his residence on Howell Prairie, Marion county, Oregon, on Monday, Oct. 4th, l869, at about 3 o'clock p.m., without a struggle-dying almost instantly. Father HOWELL moved to Indiana at an early day; thence to Missouri in l837; thence to Oregon in l843, and settled on the above named prairie in the fall of the same year, where he has resided about twenty-five years. Father HOWELL was a loving husband, a tender hearted parent and a kindhearted neighbor. The most prominent feature of his character was that of being strictly an honest man in all his dealings with man, his motto being to `owe no man anything but good will'. He had been an exemplary Christian for more than forty years, and was perfectly willing to meet death." Oregon Spectator Oct. l6, l869.

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HOWELL, Wesley <>
Soldier in the Cayuse War 1848
b. 1826
d. 1883
Howell, Wesley, File #889. Testate. Died 04 Dec 1883. Will dated 04 Sept 1883. Adms: widow & Joshua McDaniel, 09 Jul 1884. Heirs: Margaret Howell, widow, 51; John W. Howell, 34; Francis B. Johnson, 32; E. B. Howell, 29; Oliver O. Howell, 14; I.C.D. Howell, 7; Martha J. McCorkle, 27, New Westmister, B.C.; Columbus Howell, 24. Polk Co.

Howell Prairie Pioneers-E.B. Fletcher-- "The next large farm toward the east in Hazel Green was the Wesley HOWELL place, of late years known at the BECHTEL farm. When I last passed through that way the house, erected in the early 80's was still in use. Mr. HOWELL was of the family for whom the prairie was named. He was a brother of Mrs. Temperance MCCORKLE, mentioned in another paper.
My first rememberance of the Wesley HOWELL'S, is when they came to our place on a visit. I recall how Mrs. HOWELL was called `Aunt Margaret' by nearly all of the younger set and well remember the boy about my own age whom the family called `Hooker'.
The expensive looking family hack, or conveyance, its flapping side curtains and the span of strong, well-mated horses, all were of much boyish interest to me. As I remember, HOWELL'S face was of remarkable features set off by dark sideburns-altogether pleasing and agreeable.
I think this family, by my memory of seeing them at religious gatherings, must have had great reverence in the fourth commandment. When they were visiting my parents, spoken of above, I remember HOWELL saying he had no patience with a man who hung up his religion on a nail at the door as he came out of the church, and on whom the neighbors had to keep an eye open week days, lest he cheat them in their ordinary business dealings." Capital Journal May 22, 1943

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